Monday, November 28, 2022

Coffeeneuring 2022 - Reflections on Challenges

Parting Thoughts

What makes you do the coffeeneuring challenge? Is it the connection to the online bike world? For motivation? To keep your cycling fresh? All of the above?

Since this is my 10th year of coffeeneuring, I haven't found the challenge particularly difficult, since I ride year-round. Joining, for me is not about jumpstarting motivation when autumn turns colder, but whether I come up with an interesting theme that makes me want to participate. Last year, I used natural objects and created artistic designs around my mug - which I thoroughly enjoyed. This years' chosen Loop Theme seemed lame - or so I thought - until I realized I enjoyed figuring out, and pedaling circular routes that I hadn't done before. I also reverted back to many trailside brew-ups, using a new stove - an activity made easier by a heatwave. Typical coffeeneuring weather is 20-45F.  Each ride in 2022 was a minimum 60F!

Ten years, of course, is certainly an accomplishment. But as with anything, sometimes it's better to move on and look forward to other goals. I reserve judgement on whether I'll join next year. The main takeaway from this year's challenge? I've continued the habit of diversifying local rides with alternative loops - certainly worthwhile!


  1. Just stumbled over your blog. Nice to see another person pottering about on a bike and enjoying coffee. I do the same since 1965, the year I learned to cycle. The coffee came later though.


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