Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Procrastinators Nightmare - I Can't Ride My Bike

Transitions are hard. The seasonal change is gradual, and yet sometimes it slams us and we wake up one morning, woefully unprepared. The intense cold and snowfall that won't go away is normal, of course, as we slide into a Vermont winter, but for a procrastinator, it means I won't be able to ride with confidence until I swap nearly treadless commuter tires for, you know, ones with studs.

It seems to be a pattern with bicycle maintenance too. My Dahon has been sitting in the work stand for a month, waiting for an overwhelming list of deserved repairs: secure fender, regrease rear axle, replace rear tire, replace broken Grip shifter, possibly cable and housing, etc. They are not difficult as separate tasks, but daunting in entirety, especially for someone who doesn't have patience. It will get done, eventually, but after the studded tire session, because, as avid riders know, riding a bike keeps us sane.

Until then, I work from home, staring outside at the snowy landscape, sunshine casting pretty shadows. Longing. 

Tea and frosted sugar cookies will have to do for now.

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  1. I have never got round to using studded tyres so I have to stop cycling when snow and ice come. Usually they don't last too long though and i go walking instead.


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