Monday, November 16, 2020

How to Revive Beloved Panniers

Before and after images: at left, original Overland system: top hooks with straps and tension buckles (and tiny rings that are supposed to hook under rack)  - difficult to use, though secure once placed. At right, the improved replacement Lone Peak system: locking top hooks with easier to remove common bungee and hooks.

Both Lone Peak front and cavernous Overland rear panniers have been rugged companions for both my husband and myself on a yearlong trip. Since then for local commuting and occasional short tours, we've worn out the smaller and easier to use Lone Peak pair, because their top hooks lock onto the rack - a brilliant design - but are easy to remove, using typical bungee and hook design secured to the rack bottom.  

Before tossing panniers (and helmets) I remove any hardware to repair future projects or to keep our existing equipment in decent shape. My husband needs rear panniers. Good panniers are expensive. I discovered that Lone Peak still sells their wonderful parts so in conjunction with a few pieces in my stash, I drilled additional holes in the rear bags, and with a lot of patience, I replaced the difficult Overland system with new Lone Peak hardware.

After a good wash, the Overland panniers look almost new!

High quality, made in USA, 1994 Overland panniers, We own a third back up pannier (the 4th was attached to a bike that was stolen) and another set of locking top hooks should we need to press an additional pannier into service.

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  1. Clever. The new mounting system is much more easy to use I'm sure.


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