Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Coffeeneuring 2020 - Sixth Cup at Battery Park

This photo says it all: sunshine and a perfect Lake Champlain view.

Benches for everyone.


Sporting a new longer length, windproof jacket and toasty, lined helmet.

Tea and dumplings. I like that the new coat has a two-way zipper. 

Round two: teatime at North Beach, sheltered from the wind.

Focusing on Gratitude

When the colder weather sets in, exacerbated by multiple cloudy days, it's a gloomy time of year. An extra boost of vitamin D often helps take the edge off - that - and getting outside as much as possible during the day. I'm very thankful for any sunshine on my face, especially this fall!

It was a blustery 35F degree afternoon. And so, I bundled up, testing a new jacket, winter helmet, newly completed handlebar bagalong with a return to riding the Dahon for the first time since July. I picked up tasty Hong's Dumplings and picnicked at Battery Park, one of Burlington's prime Lake Champlain vistas. It turned out to be a tough location to avoid the wind altogether, so I gobbled my lunch, sipped tea, then headed towards home, with an impromptu detour to sandy North Beach where I found a relaxing, sheltered spot to finish my drink. 

Ah, thank you sunshine. I'd needed your kiss.

The Place: Battery Park
Date: Friday, October 30
Drink: Barry's Tea with milk and sugar
Observation: After a hiatus, I love zipping along on the versatile, highly maneuverable folder.
Total Miles: 17

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  1. Long length waterproof jackets are hard to get over here, they are much more practical. I like the cold dry weather, its the rain I dont like and boy do we get plenty of rain.


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