Sunday, December 1, 2019

Coffeeneuring 2019 - Seventh Cup in our Future Backyard

Having a cuppa in our future backyard.

New Places, New Spaces
The final stop on my Coffeeneuring in Colchester tour was a special bank overlooking, yet again, the Winooski River! One of the reasons I've chosen to explore Colchester, and specifically the region surrounding the mouth of the river where it empties into Lake Champlain, is because in late spring of 2020 we will be moving into a new house - part of a new neighborhood of 12 homes in various phases of ownership/construction.

The Place:  Future neighborhood, sitting on the riverbank enjoying our future backyard view
Date: Saturday, November 23
Drink: Trader Joe's Red Refresh tea
Observation: Ugh, still waiting for the cellar hole to be dug.
Total Miles: 20

Parking bike in future driveway (actually in path/sidewalk just before).
Sipping tea and looking upriver. 

Sipping tea and looking downriver.
Street view with model home under construction.
The new neighborhood view from nearby fishing access. Model home is in the center.

25 F without wind feels balmy! 

Parting thoughts
  • By far, this year I rode the most mileage during a Coffeeneuring Challenge, averaging 15 miles each time.
  • 2018 and 2019 saw below average temperatures and snowfall in early November. I was lucky to have finished both challenges.
  • This was my 7th year of Coffeeneuring. 
  • To keep the challenge fresh, I decide on a different theme each year. In the beginning, I visited coffee shops, then toted a stove for coffee without walls, even gravitating to setting up a camping chair! For the past two years, I've used a thermos, which has improved my outdoor experience (and kept my hands warmer). Who knows, because of next years new living situation, I may go full circle and ride into Burlington to explore coffee shops!


  1. Good luck in the new house, will you still be able to commute by bike?

  2. Dave, absolutely! Bike commuting was taken into account when searching for a new place to live. Though a much longer commute - 9.5 miles one way - I get to ride the entire waterfront bike path!

  3. Wow! Congratulations on your (about to be) new digs. My first thought when I saw those pics was "canoe".

  4. congrats on finishing the challenge! and good luck with the transition to the new digs, does this mean you'll have room for more bikes? (lol) My brother and wife have a new place and as I was touring his man cave in the unfinished cellar I was looking at the tall ceiling wondering how many bikes you could hang up there ....

    1. I'm excited to finally have a two car garage, but there won't be room for more bikes. As a matter of fact, we'll need to create a system to store our existing ones - I think we have about 10 total. Possibly vertical hooks on the wall? I'm limiting myself to 5 bikes.

  5. Fantastic backyard!

    Congrats on finishing too.


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