Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Coffeeneuring - First Cup

Visit seven different coffee shops in seven weekends. These are the basic rules behind the Third Annual Chasing Mailboxes Coffeeneuring Challenge. Since I live in a community with multiple colleges—it's buzzing with a number of coffee shops—so, for me, maybe this challenge is too easy. To keep the event fresh, I plan to complete a different cycling loop each time I venture out.

First Cup - Monday, October 7
I hadn't visited Maglianero for a long time. It is near the waterfront trail, and could be a hum-dinging 1 mile descent, if I zipped directly there. But, why bother heading there immediately when it's a delightfully warm morning? Forecast: afternoon heavy rain. I left just as gusty winds pick up, in hopes of also capturing more colorful tree photos for this year's Foliage Challenge, in case the later deluge scatters all the autumn colors.

The rain held off. I photographed more eye-popping foliage, watched squawking gulls on a sandbar, and wheeled my bike inside Maglianero for a cup of house coffee and delicious almond pastry. Then it's a grunting, granny gear slog for one mile toward home.

Total mileage: 8 miles.

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