Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Coffeeneuring 2019 - Fourth Cup at Halfmoon Cove

New Places, New Spaces
Getting to know Colchester, Burlington's neighbor to the north, the next stop on my Coffeeneuring tour included the usual enjoyable ride on the waterfront path, a bit of single track to connect neighborhoods, then, leaving my bike behind, a short but steep descent to sip tea beside the swiftly flowing Winoooski River.

The Place:  Halfmoon Cove 
Date: Saturday, November 3
Drink: Uncommon Grounds ginger tea
Observation:  I didn't know there was river access, though I've passed this way several times.
Total Miles: 18

The river was still a bit high, but slowly receding from Halloween rains that dropped a whopping 3.7".

The real treat was discovering animal tracks on the river's edge. Later, I asked my husband and he said raccoons are known for washing their food before eating so they were probably raccoon prints. I was skeptical - he likes to make up explanations just to see if we believe him - but sure enough, he was right!

This is why I coffeeneur: to learn cool stuff like this.

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