Sunday, November 10, 2019

Coffeeneuring 2019 - Third Cup at Malletts Bay Cemetery

Heading to the waterfront, peak foliage abounds. Across the lake, New York is also awash in autumnal glory.

New Places, New Spaces
Sticking with exploring neighboring Colchester, the next stop on my Coffeeneuring tour was Malletts Bay Cemetery, Approximately 10+ miles from home. During peak foliage too! I pedaled afterward to visit my mom before returning home, racking up 32 miles. Coffeeneuring for me is enjoying a cup of coffee/tea while setting a goal/theme to explore new places. The challenge pushes me to ride on weekends in addition to bike commuting - and this time of year - combating cold, darkness, and falling snow is another test altogether.

The Place:  Malletts Bay Cemetery
Date: Saturday, October 26
Drink: Uncommon Grounds house brew
Observation:  Coffeeneuring is much better during daylight!
Total Miles: 32

Filling up the thermos at Uncommon Ground, closing by the end of the year.
A bush brimming with pink berries. Any guess to it's name?

Waterfront trail colors. It was a slow ride towards Colchester...
Bridge over the Winooski River with golden trees ahead.

Looking upriver.
I lean my bike just inside the cemetery gate

Like many old cemeteries, marble stones have not weathered well. Inscriptions on many stones have been erased.
The older stones are in peaceful area at the back of the cemetery.

The front area overlooks Malletts Bay, beyond the highway.


  1. Thank you for sharing, beautiful area. I also love this challenge, it gets me riding outdoors exploring new areas when I would otherwise stay indoors.

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying the challenge! Since this is my 7/8th year doing the challenge, I have to find ways to keep it fresh and doable, not fraught with anxiety.

  2. cool colors, nice to see the pug being useful and good on you for exploring -that was my intent this year but it didn't happen however I did ride a different vintage steel bike each time.

    1. Keeping the challenge fresh and doable is more important than following through with the best intentions. I've had to simplify my outings, deciding that new locations were the most important factors for me.


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