Sunday, November 17, 2019

Coffeeneuring 2019 - Fifth Cup at Macrae Farm Park

New Places, New Spaces
The next stop on my Coffeeneuring in Colchester tour was my first exploration of Macrae Park bottom lands along the Winooski River. Macrae Farm is one of Colchester's largest parks. 

The Place:  Macrae Farm Park
Date: Sunday, November 10
Drink: Trader Joe's Red Refresh tea
Observation:  Lots of trails! Best utilized during winter?
Total Miles: 20

A one mile dirt road ends at the farm where a couple cars were parked on the side of the road. I pushed my bike around a barrier and over a bridge in need of repair. 

I sipped tea while enjoying the views of the river and farm. I like how remote this area feels yet close to neighborhoods and shopping. I'd once explored the upland trails but never along the river. 

 A convenient map for guide, I set off for a walk.

 A massive tree!

The woodland trail started off quite lovely. I saw beaver action: gnawed and felled saplings along with animal trails to river's edge. But as there was recent flooding (somewhat receding), I wasn't able to complete a loop and gingerly returned to my bike, skirting puddled portions of path. I'm anxious to explore the whole area, but I suspect it's best to return during winter, when footing is better, or with skis. With old farmland, I imagine ticks are a problem during summertime.


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