Sunday, February 25, 2018

Revamping a Vermont Vagabond Mini Messenger Bag

spice up a messenger bag
Add floral motif for a little pizzazz, including color coordinated zipper pull.
Introducing: a revamped Vermont Vagabond mini messenger bag!

I'd tucked away this little find from a consignment shop a couple years ago, knowing I'd refurbish it someday. Vermont Vagabond was a local company that was around about 20 years ago, but sadly is no longer. They made well-constructed but simple items from cordura material and YKK zippers (try finding that brand of zipper now-a-days!) My husband and I still own Vermont Vagabond's small duffel bags that are handy and will probably last our lifetime.

The procedure was simple: decide on fabric to cover the light grey, dingy flap, allot time, and get to work hand-stitching the material. I also machine sewed a button hole to pull the buckle through but in the end reinforced each side with needle and thread.

A handy small messenger bag
My 8" tablet easily stows inside the main compartment or rear slot.
What made this bag attractive was it's smaller size, lightweight material, and offered only a few organizer pockets compared with what I felt was the over-the-top Timbuk2 bag.

 It was also fun to finally apply a coffeeneuring patch that I collected a while ago.

simple compartments are easier
 Just a few pockets for essentials.

The interior has a singular zipper compartment and I filled it with a pre-cut piece of closed-cell foam (saved from packing material) to lend structure to the bag.

There's plenty of extra space for items as the bottom extends to approximately 3". There is also a couple of interior slots for more storage. Plus, there's always the exterior zippered flap.

This little gem is a perfect replacement for the Timbuk2 bag that I got rid of a year ago. I can toss the floral bag over my shoulder, wear it cross body with the adjustable strap, stuff it inside my commuter pannier, or by adding simple hook and loop fasteners (like the previously mentioned Timbuk2) can double as a handle bar bag. And, there's nothing like displaying my love for coffee!


  1. A good upcycle! So many bags are, as you say, over the top, in both number of pockets and overall size. I've got a camera bag, bought for £1 in a charity shop, waiting in the wings while I think how best to adapt it to a bar bag.

  2. Awesome work - I love bags like this.


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