Friday, October 13, 2017

Looking Forward to Coffeeneuring!

Stellar views from Railyard Park.
As I cruised by a small lakefront parklet at sunrise this morning, I thought of past Coffee Without Walls spots - of which Railyard Park was one - and how I have accumulated a list of 7+ waterside brew up locations ahead of me - without repeating the past 2 years of coffee outings!

Nancy has pledged a similar theme, but with tea.

Rock on, coffeeneurs! Let the challenge begin...


  1. I'm still trying to decided on a theme!!

    1. Lizzie, don't you make your own pastries? Perhaps that could be your theme?

  2. Planning on year two and my only theme so far is "no repeats" so I will need to go a bit further afield this year

  3. Hey Annie — just finidhed my first water view with tea without walls outing today! Love your pic, Great bike.


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