Sunday, October 8, 2017

Good Bye Ross Mount Saint Helens

I've said so long to the Ross Mt. Saint Helens. Between stripping her of fenders, racks, and a front wheel to build the Peugeot into my current commuter, there wasn't much left. However, I've saved the rear wheel, seat, and seat post for spare parts, but replaced the distinctive green handlebars back on the Ross for it's next recipient.

I donated what's left to Bike Recycle, leaving the frame hooked on their outside rack, because the shop wasn't open. Coincidentally, our youngest son happened to volunteer his time with a friend, repairing flat tires, etc. in their work space and saw someone working on the Ross.

I haven't been emotionally invested in this bike like my others, but because this was my first step through, and one I've ridden throughout the winter, the Ross has been instrumental in expanding my cycling horizons. It's time for this bike to help other folks less fortunate experience what it's like to ride a stable, strong commuter bike.


  1. Someone probably wanted it just for the cool green stem!

    1. I'm just happy Bike Recycle accepted the donation seeing the bike was the very least I expected they'd use the bike for parts, but it's great I may see someone ride it around town!

  2. That is very generous of you, I waited a long time before I could find a similar style step through beauty to buy. Having been in Europe, in some countries they are found by the hundred thousand and more people find that they are able to make cycling just a natural part of life.

  3. Annie--First of all, I want to commend your generosity.

    And I want to say that I understand the feelings you have on giving a bike away.

  4. Last year I donated a bike that I’d had since graduate school to the co-op. I thought it would be harder to detach from that bike than it was, especially since it was the one I used when I first learned to overhaul a bike. But it was surprisingly easy to do when I imagined someone else getting use out of it. I keep an eye out for it, but haven’t seen it on the streets yet.


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