Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Coffeeneuring 2016 - Fifth Cup at Rail Yard Park

"Why do I coffeeneur? To keep the wheels turning, the mind stimulated (all the planning requires mental enterprise!), and to enjoy my surroundings." - from Coffeeneuring 2015 - Sixth Cup at the Earth Clock

With limited time, I set off for nearby Rail Yard Park, a small peninsula in front of Vermont Railway and the lakefront sewage treatment plant. Fortunately, odor is a non-issue because the strip of land juts far enough into breezy Lake Champlain.

Where's Annie's stove? Look in the center of the water droplet on the camera lens.
And despite it's tiny size, the park is pleasant with picnic tables, marble blocks carved into marine life (my favorite is the mermaid), expansive water views, and in the summer is filled with children and couples, easily accessed from the well-used bike path. In other words, a perfect coffeeneuring spot.

Mid-morning, I rolled into the park amidst a drizzle, but unlike Coffeeneuring #4 where I learned my lesson about inappropriate outerwear, I wore a down parka, double-layer tights, a scarf, and hat, plus Thinsulate-lined mittens. Better overdressed than a frozen, unhappy coffeeneuring gal!

While I waited for water to boil, hands stuffed in down pockets, I relaxed in my chair, taking in an interesting view. Rock piles led out from the point. A boat buzzed by - it seems there are die-hard boaters still cruising in 50F water.

A gull landed on a rock island.

Beyond the breakwater I could still spy color in the New York hills.

And delightful stone stacks on the shoreline in front of me.

I've learned to keep the lid on the mug to keep beverages hot.
As I sat, cupping the warm mug of chai tea I realized I've made this year's challenge theme more complicated than it has to be. I could do without the chair - the set-up and take down requires bare hands, not to mention the difficult documentation involved with self-timed camera, requiring several out takes before I get a decent shot. I've even considered using a thermos in place of stove - but those are ideas for next year's challenge. For now, I'll finish out the challenge with brew ups at Lake Champlain vistas, relaxing in my camping chair. 

One good thing, brewing tea is easier than fussing with coffee apparatus. And I still "enjoy my surroundings" - my initial impetus for joining M.G.'s Coffeeneuring Challenge. 

It was a hot sweaty ride back up the hill towards home thankfully and I unzipped my down coat en route.

The Place: Rail Yard Park
Date: Saturday, November 5
Drink: Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Tea 
Observation, Bike Friendliness: The waterfront trail passes by this tiny, but well situated peninsular park.
Total Miles: 5


  1. Lovely spot...and that chair...every time I see it the luxury of it all spurs my mind to ponder another coffee kit addition. I'm trying to resist, but you make it look so comfortable.

    1. It is a comfortable chair and I'm glad I bought it. However, for me, the chair is more suited to camping excursions and not for cold coffeeneuring rides. If your outings are warmer, more leisurely affairs, then you might love it.


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