Saturday, November 12, 2016

Girls Ride Out, November 2016

Ride name change to Burlington Bike Babes, but I can't get into the new name - sounds like a motorcycle gang!
Girls Ride Out in November consisted of a smaller but cozy crowd. Not every woman can tolerate mid 40sF temperatures plus have lights and be comfortable riding around the city in darkness.

We start at Old Spokes Home as usual, meeting indoors, and holding drawings for several sets of lights, provided by Local Motion. I was tickled to have won a pair, which now graces my helmet, much brighter replacements than a flashlight and cracked red flasher. Add to that a handle bar light and seat post blinky, and I might be the brightest cyclist in Burlington!

Hannah (on the left) is a Girls Ride Out regular but Lauren is a newcomer. I was surprised that there were a few initiates - it can't be easy to start this time of year - but perhaps these ladies regularly commute but for whatever reason could finally attend the November event.

Hard not to notice the political statement!
I love that purses and sling bags are pretty normal attire. We women carry our stuff in so many cool ways.

One hardy lady has bare legs.

We end at Zero Gravity, enjoying our free drink (thanks Christine for making that happen). Our group splits into 2 booths. A couple of us order hot dogs - they make mean Coney Island Dogs, smothered in meat sauce, onions, and mustard.

It was wonderful to find that Zero Gravity has expanded their indoor seating. I much prefer the outside terrace where it was much easier to mingle, but of course, that won't happen until spring.

By the time I left there was a discussion about trying to set up a December event. It seems there are some who don't want to give up even if it gets cold. I wouldn't be opposed, especially if roads are dry and - as I pointed out - riding in December would encourage more winter riders. We'll see.


  1. Much respect! I just can't ride my bike when it is that cold, but thankfully I live in the south (thankful about the weather embarrassed how my state votes) so rarely do I have to deal with those kind of temperatures.

    1. I'm in the South and I like the political statement on the bag.

  2. Not sure I'd have the guts to cycle on our terrible UK roads at night, but I'm certainly making a big effort this year to keep cycling throughout the winter.

  3. I use to ride more in the evenings before retirement and my eyes got worse. I know you all had fun. Thanks for sharing.


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