Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Coffeeneuring 2016 - Sixth Cup on the Bank Near the Fishing Pier

A day like November 12 was the quintessential Coffee Shop Without Walls experience. I didn't intend to do my brew up on Saturday - Sunday was forecasted to be 10F warmer, near 50F -  but by the time I'd raked and bagged leaves and the morning remained windless with brilliant sunshine, I couldn't resist the opportunity for the perfect opportunity on the waterfront.

The fishing pier is located just beyond the metal wall, and is lit up at night. The pier deserves another visit, perhaps next year with a hot drink in a thermos so I can walk around and enjoy a different experience.
I set up on the bank near the fishing pier - the very place where we watch July 4th fireworks - so the location is familiar. I considered brewing up on the end of the pier, except the railings would obstruct my view unless I leaned over the rail - definitely not conducive for lounging in my chair! This time I rode Miss Clementine. I itched to take her out for a longer spin afterward.

It was nearly noon, but I still favored coffee over tea so I brewed using my usual method: a nylon filter propped up with stick.

Ah, a mug of coffee with my husband's homemade fresh roll. Gotta love it! I could sit like this for an hour, watching the lake. With intense sunshine, it was hard to imagine it was only 40F.

I am trying a new seat on Clementine.
I spent a while in my chair, but eventually I wanted to take advantage of the fine weather. So off I went, rolling beneath the last autumn foliage, delightfully cruising for several miles before looping back towards home. 

The Place: Near the Fishing Pier
Date: Saturday, November 12
Drink: Vermont Coffee Company, Dark Roast 
Observation, Bike Friendliness: There is a bike rack, should anyone require it to use the fishing pier. I love this relatively secluded spot behind the water department building.
Total Miles: 17


  1. I do admire how you have got out and done all these "coffee without walls" trips. And what lovely scenery. Looking forward to hopefully hearing about your new seat!


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