Thursday, September 28, 2017

New Shoes and Generosity

Gotta love these Nashbar sandals! They look great with socks.
Because of a relative's kindness, I put a lot of thought into spending designated birthday money. It's too easy to pocket the gift, forget the money was intended to be spent on oneself, plus ignore the loved one who has generously given. This year I treated myself to a new pair of Nashbar sandals plus new tires for an upcoming winter bike project.

These shoes replace a 6 year old pair.
It's difficult enough living in a 91 year old body, much less knowing what to buy for family birthdays. My mother-in-law's simple acting of giving has never wavered throughout the 34 years I have known her. And so, I will do what I've always done to show my appreciation. I will stop by for a visit and show her my new shoes and describe the new chunky tires that will grace my winter bike, and she will once again, say how she always loves that I tell her what I bought, because seldom does anyone else remember to.


  1. That is so thoughtful. I always send a thank you note. I try to remember to tell people what I purchased, but sometimes forget to do so. This will prompt me to be more thoughtful.

    Oh, and those are some nice sandals!

  2. Nice sandals. I have some Keen ones but find the soles a bit thick for cycling in.

    You have a good MIL by the sound of things.

  3. I love cycling sandals in the South. Hard to find Nashbar that fit me as I have a more narrow foot. Your sandals don't look wide like the ones I've seen. I did end up finding a pair of slightly used Keens that fit in a secondhand store and I wear those in the summer.


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