Sunday, June 1, 2014

Socks and Sandals - Versatile and Stylish Footwear

A girlfriend sent me a collection of mismatched socks. I love the style
 they lend to my biking wardrobe.
I still swear by socks and sandals as the ultimate biking footwear. Socks (lightweight to heavy wool) provide extra warmth on chilly morning rides. For warmer weather, I often ditch the extra layer in the afternoon, preferring to let my feet breathe. These sandals are from Nashbar; they're going strong after 4 years. I've been told that Keens' sandals (with enclosed toe box) work well also.

For a more indepth report on these sandals, check out Bike Sandals review.


  1. Nice look!

    I ride exclusively in Keen sandals and platform pedals. In the winter, thick wool socks are included, but from May through September I go sockless. I have "racing stripe" sun tan patterns on my feet.

    Those mismatched ankle socks are delightful, however, and I might need to rethink whether I could work something like that into my rotation.

  2. I use the Keen commuters and love them very comfortable and fairly walkable off the bike


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