Saturday, May 20, 2017

Giro's Reverb and Sutton Bike Helmets - Commuter Style with Color Options

Giro's Reverb (on the left) and Sutton (on the right).
Last fall I needed to replace my aging leopard print helmet and discovered that Justine's advice (at Mid-Life Cycling) was correct: Giro helmets go on sale in late fall to clear out stock before introducing the new year's model. I prefer a commuter-style helmet with a visor, multiple vents, choice of colors, plus a way to hook or strap on additional helmet-mounted lights. I have never believed in spending more than 50.00 on a helmet. With the deep fall discount online, I had my pick of colors in both styles and had both delivered for 60.00 total!

Reverb style uses elastic band retention while the Sutton relies on stretchy cord with cord lock.
I've worn the Sutton primarily during the cooler months because it lacks large sized vents. I've appreciated it's substantial head coverage - it weighs more - but fits comfortably, even over a balaclava. It's special feature, that wins bonus points, is the adjustable visor. Flick it up or down in transit, to let in more daylight in the winter, or to accommodate ski goggles on those frigid, blustery winter commutes.

Both helmets have removable and adjustable visors. When the temperatures climbed above 70F degrees I switched to wearing the lighter Reverb style. I've found both styles to fit similarly and both came with extra padding.

Now that I'm a year-round bike commuter there are distinct advantages to owning two uniquely crafted and affordable helmets. I couldn't be happier!


  1. Well aren't you fancy with your two helmets! nice colors by the way. I confess I have two as well because of a temporarily lost helmet last year but now I have a designated night helmet with a small but powerful flashlight zip tied through my vents - yes it looks as classy as it sounds ;-) but it does the job of lighting my way in the dark world.

    1. I like the idea of a dedicated night helmet as opposed to a winter and summer helmet. It makes sense if you live in a temperate climate and ride at all hours - whatever makes it easier for us to ride year-round or after dark. :)

  2. The Giro Reverb has a pretty good rating. Since I live in a hot climate most of the year, my helmets are white. The Giro Reverb is for city riding, the Limar X-MTB with more holes is for summer riding and the Bern is for winter riding [fewer holes].

  3. I've got a dedicated helmet as well. It's a dedicated "rain" helmet, complete with a Shower's Pass helmet coverall. The helmet/coverall is really nice to avoid excessive wetness and the combo is nicer than a simple rain hat. Who sez helmets aren't useful?


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