Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Blast of Vermont Fall Foliage

Heading towards Smugglers Notch.
It's no secret that I love Vermont in autumn. I will drive to see the changing leaves...

I will pull over to experience the ambiance: the smell, the whisper of wind moving the canopy, the vibrant explosion of colors.

Grist Mill covered bridge, Jeffersonville, VT.
I love to visit covered bridges.

Peak foliage is nearly at lake level currently, so I'm devouring my surroundings via riding my bike to work...

And plowing through crackling leaf puddles on the way home.

My son has even been getting into the act, filming Stowe's peak color over the Columbus Day weekend.


  1. What lovely photos! They're almost enough to persuade me to give up city life. ;-)

  2. I live in urban California, where we don't have dramatic seasonal changes, and pictures like this bring back memories of my Midwestern childhood. Nice!

  3. Lovely colors this might inspire me to drive to the arboretum in Seattle where there is supposed to be a nice spray of color about now.

  4. I am fortunate that I grew up here, so returning has all these little bonuses! Fall foliage is absolutely stunning in Vermont due, primarily, to the red maple trees which lend contrast. The colors are fleeting, but oh so nice.

  5. Beautiful Annie! I live about 20 minutes north of Seattle, and we have some wonderful color here a well. Nothing quite like Vermont, but enough to pause, breathe and be in awe of nature.


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