Thursday, September 11, 2014

When a Biking Friend Happens to be a Great Cook

Stow the bikes and let's eat!
Who cares whether bikes are locked when returning from a ride?

Not in my friend's driveway, it seems. Because well, when food is on the agenda and time is short, let's not get picky.

Would you bother locking up when cheesecake and iced coffee are waiting? And not just any cheesecake, mind you, but an Italian cook's ricotta version accompanied with strong tasty espresso. In glass cups, Chilled with frozen coffee cubes. Really. Regular ice is so passé.

She's a creative genius, if you ask me.

Geesh, where are your priorities my conscience worries over my beloved Miyata. Outside. Unlocked. Out of my vision. It'll be okay. I think.

And yet, almost every ride with my friend ends this way. We are foodies, throwing practicality out the window. In it's place is a mouthwatering treat. As it should be.

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