Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Friend Champ

On blue sky days, living is easy. Riding a bike is easy. Getting outdoors is easy. Contrary to overcast, dreary weather, I set out on my bicycle, looking for things to do, places to visit, errands to run. When there's a string of gorgeous weather, especially in September, I wander. It's how I encountered my friend Champ, all by himself, looking like he needed some cheering up.

Ever since Champ was relocated (or he swam) during the 2011 lake flooding, his residence is now hidden from the vast majority of  cyclists on the bike path. If cars are lined up, waiting for the ferry, a tourist may snap his picture or investigate the sculpture. Otherwise, he's hidden behind a building and it's up to Burlingtonians who frequent the waterfront to give Champ attention.

Much like the Loch Ness monster in Scotland, there've been numerous sitings of a huge water creature lurking in the lake. With 400 foot depths, who knows what's living between Vermont and New York?

For now, I smile at the lovable land-locked green monster on the lawn, give him a pat, notice he could use a new coat of paint then set off on another exploration, this time looking across the water, hoping for a glimpse of the real Champ.

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