Saturday, March 15, 2014

Upcycled Bike Bags

Playing around with Tumblr.

While I'm not exactly out ticking off bike miles, not all of it has to do with our recent onslaught of 18" of snow. Instead, I'm learning about marketing and website analysis. Upcycledbikebags has grown from these two classes, following my love for refashioning interesting bags into stylish and practical carriers for bikes, which many of my readers have seen on this blog. The site is not "real" per se—I'm not currently selling bags—but I am writing content that I hope will attract subscribers. It's a Tumblr blog also—a prerequisite for one course. It would tickle me to no end if my regular anniebikes' readers would take a look. Or even better, make a constructive comment or reblog, share on social media, etc.

Now, back to Errandonneering...


  1. I keep looking at the old laptop bags I have which are for laptops I no longer use, and wonder if they couldn't be upcycled into a nice handlebar bag, or pannier. Or how to graft on some rack hooks onto my messenger bag to make it more useful. Looking forward to more tips!

    1. I personally have not tried converting a laptop bag, but their stiff construction would make it an ideal candidate for conversion. The key will be to see what type of attachment would work the best. I have an upcoming post (due this week) that should offer some ideas.

      As for the messenger bag, there are some tutorials out there using supplies from the hardware store if you want a more structured, traditional pannier attachment.


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