Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Errandonnee - Day 1

View from Battery Park
Errandonnee! Here I go again, giving the errand chase another whack this winter. And March this time around is unusually snowbound. Unfortunately I got a late afternoon start for my first errand ride, too late to complete two stops at city offices (they close early), so I'll get to those items another day.

En route to city hall I swung down my favorite alley, squealing my brakes at the bottom in hopes of alerting and hopefully avoiding a collision with pedestrians possibly exiting the parking garage at the exact same moment. I really like these urban routes. I feel like a super hero, flying by tall buildings with a single bound.

I'm was glad to finally have my camera in tow this time to capture the Airborne Jellyfish Project by Abby Mannock. I'm not sure what the monstrous marine animals are made out of, but they're glorious, catching the breeze with tentacles swirling like grass skirts.

I especially adore the big bulbous eyes. The exhibit was listed as remaining through the end of February, so I feel lucky that it still graces City Hall Park. I like the splash of color in an otherwise dismal landscape.

I donated a book at the library before heading home.

Errandonnee Scorecard
March 10
Category: Library, to deliver a book
Observation: I'm glad I photographed the Airborne Jellyfish Project.
Miles: 3

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