Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Errandonnee - Day 3

Shredded pork burrito at Chipotle. The meat was a little tough. Next time I'll stick with chicken.
I waited until early afternoon when the temperatures climbed to the teens, then scampered to a local outdoor shop to buy several more chemical handwarmers. We are still in winter's clutches and having warm hands and feet are integral to my participation in the Errandonee.

Fortunately the sun is bright and wind is nil. It's certainly invigorating, pedaling in such cold. My throat felt raw when I exerted myself climbing hills, so I took it easy and dropped into lower gears. The errands are easy; it's the miles that I find difficult. I'm riding circuitous routes, just to tack on as many miles as possible.

Errandonnee Scorecard
March 17
Category: Breakfast or Lunch - Chipotle for a burrito
                Store that is not a grocery store - Outdoor Gear Exchange
                for chemical hand warmers
                Grocery Store - Price Chopper for cereal
Observation: It seems odd to be buying more chemical hand warmers in Mid March, but Spring is far from here.
Miles: 11


  1. I was using handwarmers at the weekend whilst out in the tent....sunny during the day but bitter cold at nght....

  2. love chipotle, i could eat there every day


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