Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Errandonnee - Day 4

I braved 6F for the quick jaunt to school and discovered my cable lock doesn't work well in cold weather. Like me when I forget to stretch out my back early morning, it was difficult to unwind, thread through the bike frame, and secure again. A herculean task!

By noon the day had warmed, I visited the lake, bought beautiful earrings for a friend, and treated myself to a delicious mocha and chicken with brie sandwich—all after riding loops on quiet residential streets to pad mileage. Then I swam a half mile, rode some more before returning home. I finished the errandonnee—just barely—ending with 9 miles for the day, 30 miles total.

Errandonnee Scorecard
March 18
Category: Coffee or dessert- New Moon Cafe for a mocha, plus lunch.
                Personal care & health - YMCA to swim
                Work - School counts too. I went to class again.
                Any store that is not the grocery store - Apple Mountain to buy earrings for a friend
Observation: The cable lock doesn't work too well when it's 6F. I wrestled with the coil, struggling to unwind it enough to wrap around my bike frame.
Miles: 9


  1. Glad you are doing the errandonee again Annie, I have too much on at the moment to do it. Fancy you having so much cold weather there, it's very warm autumn here. Vicki

  2. Good job getting out at 6 degrees. Hope it wasn't windy. I can deal with cold well, but add a gusty wind and the bikes are staying in the garage.

    1. I was lucky the morning lacked wind. And that I only rolled to class, where after a few hours the day warmed considerably.


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