Saturday, November 2, 2013

Widely Turning or Turning Widely

Lately, I make wide turns, swinging a little to the left before turning right. You know, like a bus that needs clearance on tight city corners. I do it on the Miyata and Peugeot, whether I'm going to work or getting errands done.

It wasn't always this way.

Could it be the difference between 27" versus 26" wheels? But no, that doesn't make sense either; the change has only been within the past month. More likely, it's the less than ideal gearing. Both bikes could have larger rear sprockets. I stand in the pedals quite a bit. Giving myself a boost up steep inclines.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

Couple thigh-burning propulsion with bulky clothing I wear this time of year and I'm beginning to see a pattern. Long fleece, vest, wind breaker, thick gloves. If I don't resemble the Michelin man, I feel like him. Like I'm sporting pillows beneath a Halloween costume. It isn't easy cranking the handlebars when I feel a bit portly. Yeah. That must be it.

This really happened on my commute. 

I have to admit it's also, quite possibly, general slowing. Observing. Cloud formations. Birds. Changing seasons. Like the leaf blown into my bike, clinging, unable to let go. I savored my last week of commuting to work by bicycle. Ugh. Yes, it was my last week.

For  beautifully stitched spirals see this site.
Possibly, as I begin a wide arc, it's a sign. Season, fitness, and mental preparation altogether. First turn. Big sigh. Slight cant to the left before spiralling right. Similar to a motif I use in stitching and fabrics. Slow and steady. I begin that inward reflection. Pondering winter projects. Quilted wall hanging. Leopard print bike accessories. Wool mittens. Hunker down and create.

Hibernation is sometimes bliss. Full circle.

Please, tell me I'm not the only one who has this turning habit.

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  1. Heh! I noticed i take lazy turns now cuz I dont wanna go down when the bike slides on wet leaves on the trail.


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