Friday, November 1, 2013

Coffeeneuring - Fourth Cup

Area surrounding church is blocked off to vehicles and pedestrians to insure safety.
Fourth Cup - Friday, October 25 - Uncommon Grounds
With lots of errands to do I set out late morning on the bike, filled basket and backpack to overflowing, then weaved my way home to unload and eat lunch. Then I set out in the other direction. On my way downtown, I stopped for a moment to take in the burned out 1860s Congregational Church steeple, destroyed a week earlier by arson. It's in sad shape and soon to be dismantled, but I wanted to see it one more time. It was an icon in our community—we all used it's clock. It's close to schools, YMCA, next door to the library, and between our house and downtown. I hope the congregation will be able to rebuild the tower plus restore the bell and clock.  

I saved a few minutes from my busy day to enjoy a frothy coffee drink at Uncommon Grounds. If I'm in the mood to splurge, I check out the mini-chalkboard for specials.

Keeping an eye out the window on my bike.
Pumpkin Spice Latte for me! I couldn't resist the lone slice of rum cake, marked at half price. The coffee shop also honors Bicycle Benefits, which makes me feel less guilty about purchasing frilly coffee drinks or the rich cocoa mix that I also snagged for do-it-yourself mochas.

The latte was delicious—not too sweet or overpowering. Even the less than fresh rum cake was moist, but it's yummy rich topping was too much paired with the strong drink. Next time I'll order a less intense pastry.

Afterward, I stopped at our coop and was surprised to find this delightful entrance way painted in Burlington scenery. I noticed Lake Champlain, Camel's Hump, University of Vermont buildings, Canadian geese, fall foliage, and the bike bridge. The artist stood atop scaffolding, working on the last panel. I praised her design, especially because she incorporated regional highlights. Thank you, Tara!

Laden with a gallon of milk and cider, I slowly made my way up the hill toward home.

Total mileage: 3 miles.

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