Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Coffeeneuring - Fifth Cup

Starbucks is located inside Barnes & Noble. It's beneath the green awning on the right. I'd forgotten
that the rubber spider was still affixed to my helmet, leftover from the Halloween Bike Ride.
Fifth Cup - Friday, November 1 - Starbucks at Barnes & Noble
I wasn't feeling particularly energetic so I did inside stuff then by late morning loaded a few things in my basket and went for a short ride. I also wanted to pick up a few groceries while I was out, opting to do that after coffeeneuring. No sense lugging heavy things around with me inside a coffee shop.

It's been a while since I've been to Barnes & Noble.I flipped through and fondled many appointment calendars—it's that time of year when I start looking for a new one—but nothing felt right. Too many spiral bound books or 18-month variety, or too large, too small.

Done with roaming the aisles, I tried a Chocolate Tazo Chai Tea Latte. Funny how the names of these fancy, schmancy drinks keep getting longer as more flavors are combined. I'm sure these unique drinks are probably made for people like me who are often bored with plain old coffee. It keeps us coming back for more. It tasted pretty good too; the chocolate portion complimented the chai. I also got my chocolate fix for the day.

I settled in for a while, reading a Janet Evanovich trilogy. I'm sucked into the bounty hunter character, wild Stephanie Plum, and her junk food, car wrecking antics. She also talks to her hamster. My sister-in-law has read this author and once said it's not great literature. That kept me away for sometime until a movie was made of the first book. I fell in love with the main character. She's also amusing, getting herself into some hilariously tight spots. I found the trilogy for a dollar at a book sale. The rest is history.

Total mileage: 5 miles.

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