Friday, November 8, 2013

2013 Foliage Challenge - Photo #12

As I pedal underneath the broad canopy of this maple tree daily on my ride home, I realize how much I look forward to the tree's changing colors. And whether this tenacious tree will survive another year. But, like Vermont's barns that remaining standing, even under the harshest conditions, I marvel at the tenacity of singular trees, especially maple trees that thrive in open settings. With its main trunk top trimmed, the tree is obviously being looked after, so it will bring all who love it another year of wonder.

Join me in this Celebration of Fall. I'll post your foliage photo(s) in this series.


  1. Hi Annie,

    Does that bike path lead to Burlington from the south, east of Rt. 7, at the top of the ridge? It looks familiar to me from my first tour ever in 2008.

    Lake Champlain and the islands were wonderful, and Burlington looked like a great place to live.

    Of course, it might be somewhere completely different.

    Happy coffeeneuring!

  2. Yes, this path is east of Route 7 by a couple miles and is named Dorset Street. However I wonder if you followed a parallel road, just west of where I took this picture, marked with Lake Champlain Byways signs.

    I'm sure you went through Burlington if you toured through the islands. I'm glad you had a good time. It's a lovely place to live. It's a small city, but with lots of colleges, it's vibrant and on top of that, has lots of coffee shops.


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