Friday, September 27, 2013

Organizing Camping Gear

Accumulating piles of stuff for the GAPCO trip.
Between my husband's gear collection from 40 years ago, and all items purchased since we've been together, you wouldn't believe the amount of camping stuff we've amassed. We each have three sleeping bags, 3 backpacks. There are 4 tents, 4 stoves, numerous cooking pots, mugs. This is all good—we've got our children and friends covered—except when I decide to go off by myself for a simple overnight ride.

I can't find anything!

I became frustrated, bugging my husband at work. Where's this? Where's that?

After too many of those hair-pulling episodes, I began to horde the items I used the most. My three piece utensils and favorite mug, lightweight sleeping bag, small tent, and ground pad are stored in one box. (Heaven help my husband if he touches said box without my permission, like my toolbox.)

Now, I easily pack panniers without frustration. Between consulting a list of trip essentials for reference and readily accessing gear, I recently got ready for a bike overnight in one hour. Yes, one hour. There was even time to treat myself to lunch. Hallelujah.

*I will be off-line until September 29th.


  1. It is amazing how much gear we can accumulate over the years.... As for getting ready for an overnight in one hour that has to be a record.!!

  2. Hmm I need to go bike camping before it snows here.


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