Thursday, August 1, 2013

Low Light High, a Barn, a Pie

I left work close to 5:30, a bit later than usual. However, it was the last day in July and lately family and friends have lamented that summer is almost over, like it's the best time of year.

We all like warmth, recalling shivering wintry days, turning the key in the car ignition, waiting for the engine to turnover. Or braving gusty wind that sweeps across Lake Champlain as I walk downtown, tucking my chin into my scarf as far as I can.

I am one of the few, perhaps, who thrive in cooler weather; late summer days are special—more so Autumn. So I was thrilled that my later ride home provided that low lighting that I associate with my favorite time of year.

I might spy someone posing on a lawn with a particular barn as back drop. A photographer clicks away, a tripod nearby for stills. There is something special about this scene that attracts those with a camera.

With the sun sinking just low enough for the right light, I stopped to find out. Now I'm just your average photographer, but when I got home and uploaded photos—wow—I understand the allure of this special place.

The colors and texture of the barn board are luscious. Red, grey palette extraordinaire.

I needed to get home, however. But one more stop—which I presume my family might forgive—for an apple pie. Lacking my trusty bungee cord, I managed well enough with my cable lock.


  1. There is some not very long distance of riding beyond which that pie would not make it home on my bike due to spontaneous consumption.

    1. I rode three miles home. Just curious, at what point mileage wise would you break down and gobble that pie? By the way, it was delicious.

  2. Great use of the cable lock Annie....that pie looks sooooo good.


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