Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ArtsRiot Bike Swap - Just the Beginning

I showed up for the first ArtsRiot bike parts swap/sale. The premise was good: bring bike related items to sell without prior sign-up or fee. Just show up and spread your wares on the ground—or if so inclined—bring along a table.

I like the event space. It's a rather private asphalt square, a parking lot between former industrial buildings, softened with potted plants and ivy tumbling down brick.

The bike resale part was sparsely attended. Only five people set up shop. Most folks came for the movie that would start at dusk, toting kids and blankets on bikes, wandering around, buying beer and food from two vendors. I hung out for a half hour, hoping for more bike items, then left.

Considering this is the first bike-related venue, attendance may pick up. Or not. I wanted to peruse lots of stuff, garage sale style, but I'm probably better off scrolling through Craigslist.

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