Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Simple Family Overnight - Use the Bike Ferry!

Two families meet up for an eight mile ride. Cross causeway. Ride ferry. Two miles later, arrive at campground. 

Relax. Share ipods, video games (jeesh, kid priorities!).

Parents bask in glory of thick grass, awesome lake and mountain views. Slowly set up 4 tents.

Swim. Throw flying discs. Wiffle ball practice.

Campfire, s'mores.

Gotta' poke sticks in fire!

Off on an evening stroll, I investigate rental cabins and motorhome section.

Marvel at fine weather. We reserved campsite a month ago.

Discover indoor recreation room. Ping pong and pool table. Comfy couch, place to read after dark.

Next morning, overcast sky. Wind whips, providing a mosquito-free breakfast. Truck run (other family shuttled vehicle earlier to tote gear) for island-made bagels and—egads—4 kinds of cream cheese. Slowly pack for first ferry crossing at 10 a.m.

Boys carry their personal belongings in backpacks.

My husband and I schlep everything else. Other dad returns home in truck.

Wide loads.

Heading towards open water.

Headwinds intensify. Granny gear slow.

Waiting for ferry.

Boy power.

Mom number two is always game for this adventure. Her family attended and helped plan this event two years ago.

Ferry shuttles 6 at a time. We wait for others while boys throw stones.

Taking a break with my oldest boy. He needs a snack and water. I shoulder his backpack and he perks up.

We catch up with the leaders. Boys will be boys—young ones anyway—occupying themselves, barreling down a grassy slope.

It turns out to be an S240—a simple overnight, approximately 24 hours. The campground is convenient and using the bike ferry makes it a safe, off-road adventure. Next year we plan to stay longer. This will allow more time to explore South Hero's back roads, trails, beaches, ice cream stands, and orchards.

For reference, see first Family Adventure Tour, organized by Local Motion.


  1. Awesome Annie! Glad the Bike Ferry helped you pedal out of Burlington on this fun overnight adventure!

  2. Loved hearing this story! Your blog post reads like a picture book, very entertaining.


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