Sunday, June 2, 2013

On the Lookout for My Gem

I've mentioned that the Ross Mount Saint Helens is a wonderful bike—at least for now—until my dream bike comes along. The Ross is currently my city commuter. It suffices for riding sidewalks, bikes paths, hauling groceries, garage and church sale finds on it's back rack or stuffed into the flowered pannier.

But it's not ultimately what I want for an all-around ride.

With it's 19" frame, it's still a bit small. That's the main problem with this bike. I could do with a longer stem, which would raise the handle bar. The current mustache iteration, while more comfortable than the straight bar, is still too low. But all these problems can only be alleviated with a larger frame. I'm facing that reality.

Sure, it's fun to play with style. I like the new whitewalls and seat. Front bag and fun pannier jazz up an otherwise ugly black bike into a snazzy commuter. But, I'm over that now.

The Betty Foy is perfect,
but out of my price range.
Photo credit: Let's Go Ride a Bike

So here's the catch: I need at least a 20" frame. It must be—preferably—an older step through mountain bike. This is what I like for comfort, for fender clearance, and for low cost. Also, when I find the perfect match—and I'm confident I will—I may transfer some of the Ross's parts to the new machine.

I am coming up short, however, in my search. It seems that a large size bike of this caliber is a rare find. So I'm appealing to my readers for hints on 1980's or 1990's makes and models that might fit me.

Any ideas?

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  1. I had the same problem,Ms Bikes,trying to find a Peugeot Mixte to use as my all round grab and go.They didn't seem to make them in a large size so I simply added an extra long seat post and handle bar stem to a fairly small frame. Works like a dream. Being a French bike,I had to source a 24mm seat post on ebay and just modified the stem with a file and emery paper.




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