Thursday, April 25, 2013

Riding with the Boy

That's our youngest boy on the left. He's full of energy, willing to try anything, and often accompanies me on a ride. Ringing his bell as he passes. Giving plenty of clearance. Holding a straight line. Finally, he's at the stage where he's safe riding in traffic, something me must do before we arrive at the waterfront path. He stays clear of the door zone though he skids at most every stop sign, just because he can.

Skinny legs, stained shirt, and mismatched socks, but full of raw, boy power. He does a momma proud.

*500th post. Wow. Where does the time go?


  1. If you don't mind... how old is he and what size (wheeled) bike dies he ride? Thanks.

    1. This little guy's 11 years old. He is now riding a 26" wheeled mountain bike, but needs the seat in the lowest position to reach the pedals.

  2. He's handsome and looks great on the bike. I'm glad he's a safe rider. I myself skid at stop signs sometimes too, it's fun to spit gravel!


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