Friday, April 26, 2013

A Ride at Hampton Beach

The Hampton Beach boardwalk, in high season it's a frenzy of sun-seekers.
On vacation with our children we took advantage of good weather to enjoy a brief stay at the ocean. Hampton Beach (New Hampshire) in the off-season is blissfully quiet. While the boys were occupied in the hotel one morning, The Hub and I headed out along the boardwalk, crossed a bridge into Seabrook for a couple miles, explored a ramp over a dune, then pedaled north, enjoying the solitude, the breakers, squawking gulls, unique beach cottage styles, and dodged walkers cradling cups of coffee.

Ah, sunshine at the beach in April.

Early morning long shadows.

Climbing over a dune for a view.

Turnaround point in North Hampton.

Morning temps hovered in the 40s F. but were pleasant enough. I braved it without full fingered gloves and then didn't need them when we headed back on a tailwind.

The East Coast Greenway is a marked long distance route from Maine to the Florida Keys.
I noticed the East Coast Greenway signage. After recently reading an article in Adventure Cycling about the ECG, I didn't expect that we'd suddenly be riding its path.

What's the difference between digging in wet and dry sand?
I love interesting signs, especially ones that don't make sense to someone new to the area.

There are signs with obvious messages...

,,,and ones that are downright funny.

An hour and a half later we arrived to find our children in the same position we left them in: all goggly-eyed over their digital devices, but now ready to east breakfast.


  1. Looks like some nice waves.Anyone surfing out there?

    1. Yes, there were several people in full wet suits braving the 42F. water.

  2. That looks lovely, but cold! I always like to see other beaches, ours are great but yours look really good too.


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