Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Montreal in March

Across the street from our hotel on Sherbrooke Avenue.
A late snowstorm hung around in Montreal in the form of snow banks, but that didn't keep the locals off their bikes. We as visitors, on the other hand, were on foot.

I saw guys on mountain bikes.

Bicycles are primary transportation for McGill University students.

 I love street art. This one was larger than life, a McGill student on an Apple laptop.

From the other side it got more interesting. There are remnants of a fast food lunch, half eaten by an enterprising squirrel. If you peer over the student's shoulder Apple's news of Steve Job's death is indelible on his screen. I recall that day quite clearly as the news splashed across my work Mac. A striking black and white image of The Man and tombstone dates. Pretty powerful stuff.

Disbelief written all over his face, which seems to say how we all felt.

A parting shot. A bike parted from it's owner. A bike parted out to thieves.

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  1. Love those images of the student on his laptop...great street art...super images.


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