Monday, April 22, 2013

Bike Blog Love Challenge

Monday's regularly scheduled programming is preempted this week to spend time with our children.
We can all use a little bike link love. Time to explore new writing, pictures, adventures, bikes, and faces. My personal quest was to comment on one new blog a day for a week. Easy enough. There are plenty of options: check the Follower List, scan the Blog Roll, or peruse the Link Panel of other's blogs. Often a title piques my interest.

I discovered it's difficult to find male writers that inspire. I covet the one at the end of this list. For the most part guy's blogs are too gnarly, too much lycra, full of fat bikes and beer, or speed demons, rough language—too testosterone laden for me. I identify more easily with a circle of women.

The Betty Way of Things
I learned there are locking skewers. Betty likes "yardsailing"— love that term—as much as I do. She rides a bike named Lucy. Betty has an Etsy shop, selling refashioned jewelry and colorful, striking original paintings.

Books biscuits, and bicycles
A Sydney, Australia rider who often has children in tow. Title says it all. Books, yes. Biscuits, yes-the Aussie kind, which are unique to someone from the U.S. (and if he talks about Vegemite also than I'm in heaven. I confess to eating this strange gooey paste almost daily)

Lael's Globe of Adventure
Heavy on photography, I like the simplicity of this site. Adventure is paramount. Lael moves around on her bike and is a runner too.

Big Orange Bike
I love orange and would someday like to own an orange bike (purple too). She has a Yuba Mundo. The author is pregnant with their third child so I'm not sure how often she'll post. After all, family comes first.

Bikes, the Universe and Everything
From Saskatchewan, Canada, I like the collection of older bikes: Raleighs, Peugeots, a Raleigh Twenty. Down to earth writing.

America the Beautiful: A Circumnavigation
Stunning photography and expressive words by a woman traveling around the Untied States by car, but with a bicycle in tow. A journey of the heart and soul.

Pedaling in Place
Finally, a blog by a guy. From New York City. Descriptive, poetic prose. Lots of world adventures. Nice photography.


  1. Thank you for the shout out! And thank you a ton for the links! I'm now going to get emails from most of them.

  2. That was cool idea. I find myself wishing I had more time lately... I haven't been posting OR reading much bikey of late. Perhaps I'll get a chance to smaple some of these soon. That would be nice.

  3. Smaple: The act of trying different tree syrups.

  4. Some great blogs there, a few more to look at :) the biscuit blog is written by a man, I like his reviews too, though I don't always agree with the scores he gives the biscuits! Vicki

    1. A man? I didn't know, but I am glad that it is a man. I was beginning to think there were too many women writers.

  5. OOoh more night time reading links :-)

  6. "For the most part guy's blogs are too gnarly, too much lycra, full of fat bikes and beer, or speed demons, rough language—too testosterone laden for me."

    Damn, I knew I was doing something wrong! ;-)
    (I do like beer, though.)

    1. I love beer, especially after falling in love with McMenamins' IPA. Just sampled a hoppy pale ale in Portsmouth, NH. Yum.

      You don't gloat about the 6 pack you just downed, which was my intended rant.

    2. No, you're not supposed to say you like McMenamins! It's not cool anymore. ;-)

      Anyways, interestingly enough, a beer from your current state, Magic Hat #9, has finally made it out to Portland. I've been waiting for years for that to happen, as it was a beer I enjoyed from my former live in CT. It was...underwhelming, to say the least. Maybe my palette has changed? I don't know.

      Anyways, now I wait for Long Trail to arrive...

  7. mmmm vegemite.... mmmm tim tam biscuits.... A bike blog with the things that matter ;-)


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