Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Rewind

As I peg another calendar on the wall, here's a quick recap of 2012.

Wacky Ride in a Hail Squall.
January. Without significant snowfall, I rode all but two weeks throughout the winter.

February. Thoughts on Girly Bike Touring, and dreaming of cycling in France.

Hands Off, it's My Toolbox.
March. Cabin Fever, escaping with my favorite riding partner, and trying my hand at humorous writing.

April. I learned new bike skills while adding different handlebars on my Ross. Take One, Take Two, Take Three. I also explored a new trail while visiting Baltimore.

May. It pays to be on the lookout for free stuff.

June. Lake Champlain sojourn.

July. It's okay to turn 50 years old. An anniversary bike overnight.

August. Enjoying sunsets. Lots of them! And planning and leaving for Europe.

September. Once settled back into a familiar routine, I began to recount adventures in Switzerland and France. Follow Europe 2012 as I continue the chronicle into 2013.

October. Enjoying the onslaught of autumn color.

November. Besides completing my mileage goal, it's nice to give thanks for what we have and not forget to help others.

The last bike ride with my husband before we stored bikes for the winter.
December. Colder weather saw me starting on indoor projects, plus wishes for a snowy winter. Time to put away the bikes.

Do you have a bucket list? If there's anything I learned in 2012, it's that life is fleeting. Appreciate family and friends—tell them how much you love them—then carve out time for yourself. Remember, life is all about balance. I'm looking forward to sharing 2013's big outdoor adventure with my husband.

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