Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Rubber Spider

After observing firsthand the versatility of cargo nets, I vowed to get one. I put it on my Christmas list. But I felt odd having to describe this unique object that someone would have to go to a bike shop to get. I couldn't do that to non-biking relatives, especially for a 7.00 gift. Instead, I asked for an Amazon gift card.

But I shouldn't have worried. On Christmas morning I unwrapped gifts from my dear friend and Provence buddy, who surprised me with my very own cargo net! I had to laugh, too. Tacked to the box, was her apt nickname "Rubber Spider"—Patty's reference as we bike toured in France.

As you can see by her use on the bike, the cargo net can stretch beyond what seems probable. Besides, there's always room for a baguette. Need I say more?

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