Friday, November 30, 2012

A Stretchy Gadget

In the summer, my son loves chucking rocks in the lake. He's a mover, never content to sit still. So am I, it seems. My habit is to walk the shoreline, with one watchful eye on my offspring, the other searching for beach glass and the like (if only we really could do that like a bird). I'm one of those resourceful people, picking up items in gutters, haunting church sales, finding things washed up on the beach. Such is the case with this interesting, bungee-type thing.

So, because of it's fine shape and strong stretchy strength (sorry, love the alliteration) I've put it to good use. It resides in my front bag, ready to be used on a moment's notice, securing clothing, small items, and possibly Christmas gifts this coming weekend on my rounds of the local shops.

If someone knows what this object was originally used for, do tell.

1 comment:

  1. I believe that's just a ball-end bungee used for tie downs. I know I've seen them at Freddies.


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