Sunday, December 2, 2012

White Walling on Trails

I took the Ross out for spin through the Intervale. I wanted to test the new tires on dirt.

With its simple tread pattern, I was quite pleased. Now I know it will also handle an occasional dirt road, a tally through the forest. I'm anxious to try it in a little snow, which has fallen already. My only problem is to acclimate my body. I couldn't bear to ride in 15F this past week.

Newly painted Cycle the City route signs.

I pedaled beside my husband the other day and he said the whitewalls look silly, "I can't take you seriously with those tires." I just smiled. To each his own.

Catching nice evening light.
The only way to classify this machine is my rendition of the Urbana or Pilen with the advantage of additional gears. A rugged, beefy girl-bike with a bit of off-road style. Wear a skirt, ride sidewalks, crank along the Intervale Trail, or possibly take it on a bike overnight (that's my next goal.)


  1. Those handlebars outweigh the whitewalls in terms of sending a message of cycling seriousness. Add some panniers and a bedroll for an overnight, and you'll be seriously serious.

  2. I love the whitewalls, they really make that bike look distinctive!

  3. The white walls look fine. Besides where is it written that riding a bike is supposed to be serious? :-)


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