Friday, July 13, 2012

Did You Know...Nicole Kidman Starred in a BMX Movie?

A series of trivia, odds & ends and short bits.

Over the months I've amassed a collection of sticky tags in my copy of Cyclopedia. But I also come across quips, overheard conversations, or just a smidgen of text and I think, ah...I should post about this. Then the notes get shoved aside, waiting for more information to flesh out a narrative. Enough's enough, though, better to get it out and see how it goes. Friday's series may be on the lighter side, but who cares? Enjoy your weekend...

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Way back in 1983 BMX Bandits came to the big screen, starring pouffy-haired Nicole Kidman as a crime fighting, bike riding teenager. I haven't seen this movie, but if you're a Nicole Kidman fan, follow the link for a review.


  1. All us Aussies know about this movie and Nicole in it, though I have not seen the movie so can't attest to its merit.

  2. If I'd have watched it when it first come out I would have said it was terrible. It was fun to watch a couple of years ago though.
    We've got reviews on several bike movies here


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