Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Beautiful Bike Blogger Universe

My own blogging life wouldn't be what it is without the influence from other like-minded writers. From fashion to travel to bike mechanics, it's the beauty of all things bicycle in my life. This is my tribute to the fleet of writers that guide my online experience.

City Bloggers with a penchant to explore:


I love the photography on MnBicycleCommuter. Doug rides year round, even on frozen lakes. He is an avid rider who does his homework to be a fit and well prepared cyclist. His most recent preparations for a cross country ride topped all, including a to-die-for rebuild of a Surly. He barely started his tour in Oregon when confronted with the inability to support a special diet plus the rigors on the road became an unjoyful, unexpected burden. What is admirable was his ability to abandon the tour and his satisfaction that he at least tried. No regrets.

John Romeo Alpha of One Speed Go is often philosophical and sometimes obsessed with minutia, but that comes natural to an engineer. He has a quirky slant to topics. He also loves the natural world and public art, complete with wonderful photos of all that is Pheonix and its varied climate.

Urban Adventure League, hails from Portland, Oregon where I once lived. Shawn Granton comes from a heavy touring background and, seemingly, will always have wanderlust. I admire his gumption, leading Portland rambles, and his overnight adventures to state parks. He appreciates old Raleighs and old bikes in general. He is also an artist. Watch for cartoons on his blog.

Down Under pals:

Blithe of Blithe Bicyclist, from western Australia, is armed with colorful language and wit. She commutes by bike and train, using a folder or touring machine and can be found in pubs, displaying her love for food and beer, or at bakeries, or off visiting a friend miles from home. She is happiest when she's exploring.

Bicycles in Newcastle is a commentary on Newcastle bicycle life. Vicki shows us her city's bike paths and beach, along with her beautiful bikes, for example: her red Speedwell. She appreciates classic old bikes and takes us on a tour of her recent Bennett restoration. I imagine her nails are as grime-filled as my own.

The How-to:


Hugh is a Michigander in love with bicycles. Like my grandfather I admire this unpretentious guy for delving into the mechanics - he can build from a bare-bones frame and turn it into a beautiful machine. He is unafraid to tackle a rusted behemoth, just because someone asked him to restore an old friend. His posts aim to inform with simple explanations and he signs off with "rescue, restore, recycle". So aptly put.


Jemma hails from London and is a newcomer to blogging, yet quickly gained readership. She is charismatic and humorous, standing up for women and their place in the bike world. You'll never see Jemma in spandex. Read her hilarious post on Froggy Bikers.

Let's Go Ride a Bike and Lovely Bicycle! are in their own class, complete with fancy advertising. What I find most appealing about these two is the variety of topics and stunning photos.

But I wouldn't have discovered the bike blog universe, nor my brain become addled with all this blogginess if I hadn't first stumbled on Bike Fizxzit while Googling "Miyata 610." Yung Falbz restored a bike of the same vintage, same color as my own, though now her current rendition is a single speed, named Ghetto Princess. Initially a randonneur, she is now exploring touring and also purchased a mountain bike. Read her ripping account of her first bike camping adventure with two friends (read all three touring posts). I liked the simplicity of her initial blog layout, influencing how I modeled anniebikes. This lady biker resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, also loves good coffee and southern comfort food.


  1. Thanks for the shout out Annie. I visit your blog daily, enjoy the quality and variety of your posts and have used your blog roll as a reference point for my own blog reading.( I really like how the updates work on it, something I can't do in Wordpress). And just yesterday I was admiring how clean my nails are after only a few days' break from cycling and gardening.

    1. You're welcome! I may have discovered Blithe's blog through yours or vice versa.

  2. I found Vicki's blog on the other side of the country through your blog in North America, Annie. Sometimes when I stop taking it for granted and think back quarter of a century, this internet bizzo is pretty mindblowing! It's so lovely to get a daily slice of bikiness from blogs like yours and some of the others I've discovered via people's blog rolls.

    1. I saw your comments on Lovely Bicycle BB, and when I realised you were from Oz, I watched out for comments by you on other blogs, and here I found the link to your blog. It is wonderful how a community can be built via blogging.

  3. What a nice thing to do. Thanks, Annie. I had no idea.

    I feel the same about so many blogs I read and enjoy how yours has evolved. Those Monday touring posts are my favorite.

    Looking forward to more recent tales when you're back from your upcoming birthday tour!

  4. Thanks Annie, I agree with Yung Falbz, it's a very nice thing you've done here.

  5. This is really great. Also thanks for bringing up and introducing so many cool and interesting bicycle blogs. Keep it up.

  6. Hey Annie,
    First thank you for the kind words. However I must correct you. I am a Michigander :)


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