Friday, June 8, 2012

A Breathable Girly Shirt, Peplum Style

This sewing project has been swirling around in my mind for some time. I own three shirts that have been creeping up on me. They're too short for comfort, exposing too much skin, especially when leaning over the handlebars.

Photo credits: Fashion 1900, Ali Express
I've always been attracted to the old style bathing suits along with little girl dresses. One is too old fashioned and the other too cutesy and not quite my size. I was thinking about a marriage between the two. I also  think graphic festooned bike jerseys are rather ugly. And those pockets in the rear? Too many layers; they make me sweat. Also, the middle is never flattering—at least on my body. On the other hand, I envisioned a mix of bike shorts adorned with a functional yet girly top. Recently, someone brought it to my attention that I might be after the peplum look. Yes, that's it!

Peplum skirts. Photo credit: New York Fashion

So with 3 shirts that I otherwise would've turned to rags or given away, I spent a rainy weekend at the sewing machine. I wanted a flouncy look like some rayon clothing that I own. I had to settle for polyester; rayon was unavailable.

I love the breathable purple shirt and now it has a tiny skirt. I added the small flower to tie in the color.

This running shirt, though the same fabric, turned out quite different. There is little flare to the skirt. I didn't like the puckering on the sewn edge either, so I added tape binding.

I have to laugh at this one. It's a cottony t-shirt that turned out way too wide. It's better suited for a pregnant lady. I'm in love with leopard print so I'll revisit this project again. The cuffs are pretty cute.

In practice I liked the blue shirt quite a bit. It feels light and airy, almost as if there isn't fabric below my waistline.

The purple one is darling. I might've liked one more inch of skirt for looks, but it's plenty long enough for coverage.

Have any of you ladies made cycling shirts?


  1. Awwww! They are so cute. What a fantastic idea. I also love the purple one, although they are all very nice.

  2. Great idea...they all look nice.
    My favourite? Purple of course.....


  3. My vote for the purple one as well!

  4. Ahh, the peplum tops, they look good! I haven't made one but I do have a top with a peplum on it which I think would be copiable, it is crossover at the front and the peplum is longer at the back, which is a nice look and I could probably make something similar to it but more bike friendly if I put my mind to it. I like the green one because I look like a corpse in blue or purple and I also like leopard print, even though i never wear it.

    1. Ah, longer in the back makes sense. This is my first foray into this style so I"ll be on the lookout for other folks wearing this.

      It was either you or BB that gave me the idea, so thanks for that.

    2. I think it was me over at Lovely Bicycle. I'll do a post about my bike wear and include my peplum top so you can see it.

  5. What a great post. Starting with the conceptual drawing. Some background on the Peplum style. The fabrication and finished product. Love the creativity and reuse. The independence to develop a style for comfort,performance and aesthetic. Excellent.

  6. A woman of many talents you are. I like the purple one the best to. It gives you a nice flattering shape.

  7. Love it! I am a fan when sewing and cycling come together, especially with such great results. You look fabulous!


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