Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Doctor is In

I spied a bike and trailer zip down the hill past our house. The Bike Doctor arrived in our neighborhood to work on a triathlete's bike. Later, I went to speak with the bike man, Mark Rowell. Using an old Univega touring machine, he hauls a repair stand and pump on a converted golf push cart. How ingenious!

Bread delivery by bike on Mondays and the Bike Doctor cruising around town...I'm loving the bike culture in Burlington.


  1. What a great idea that is......


  2. Wow, that's a great idea. We used to have an ice cream chap come around on a bike when I was young. Plus of course our groceries were also delivered by bike.

    I've also just checked out your other link in your post above. How nice to see at least one car-centric country is starting to take note of using a bike for something commercial.

  3. Where is Burlington,I HAVE to visit there! :D

    The DC

  4. A bakery that delivers by bicycle. Well, that puts together two of my favourite things in the world. Heaven!

  5. That ia a great idea! I have seen a few businesses run by bike around here too, in this post of mine, the fellow with the trailer bike (home made and very heavy) ran a gardening business out of it, he carried a mower in it at times!


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