Friday, April 20, 2012

Making Time

I've passed this cemetery for years. It's only 3 miles from home, but I never visited until the other day. I like old graveyards. Markers tend to display poetry, biblical sayings, beautiful borders and scroll work, and the most interesting names from a bygone era. So, while on a ride with my Italian friend I mentioned my misgivings as we, once again, passed the cemetery. She recommended we stop. So we did. And am I ever glad.

Behind the white metal fence is a mixture of marble and granite stones, dating to the early 1800s. There was Lucinda, Orphelia, and Elhanan Spear among many others in the same family. At least 15 of the markers were of the Spears, the street's namesake.

It was an epiphany, really. How many cyclists have never stopped to inspect this little gem? My friend hadn't. I spied a few "Barstows" also sprinkled through the little graveyard, another nearby street name.

Of course, folks died way too young a hundred years ago. This one choked me up.

Later, we came upon this spirited anemone, peeking above the detritus. Oh, happy Spring!


  1. Elhanan Winchester Spear, born in revolution, died in civil war, what an incredible 87 years those must have been.

  2. I used to live near an old graveyard and the rows of children's and mothers' gravestones was heartbreaking.

  3. Little Emmer is heartbreaking. But I do love to stroll through graveyards. Many historical treasures to find there.


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