Thursday, April 19, 2012

The FedEx Drop

Sometimes I carry a FedEx package home with me when I leave work. It saves the $5.00 pickup fee, keeps the truck from going 5 miles out of it's way, and the vehicle from screaming up the dirt road. There is a drop box on my route. It's a simple stop. Unstrap the package, open the metal door, pop it in, and bang, the hollow thumping sound means the delivery is on its way.

As with the way things work out sometimes, I also hauled a dozen eggs. My employers are budding farmers. They have the cutest chicken shed. Yes, the building is more cottage than slap-together wood structure. But that's beside the point. So everyday there's an abundance of eggs for only two inhabitants, so I've become the sole buyer of their eggs. Not bad for $3.00 a dozen.

So as I carried both items I realized that I'm not only a commuter, but capable as a delivery vehicle also, especially with two bungee cords always at the ready. It gave me great satisfaction to pull up to the FedEx box 10 minutes before truck pickup. But seeing that I must unfasten the egg carton too, I had to laugh. What would it take for a scattered-brained person (not me, of course) to mistake the egg carton for the package? Oh, the poor unsuspecting driver who unlocks the box...


  1. LOL,that'd be funny (not for the driver,of course)...sounds like something I'd do to,when multi-tasking in my head :p

    The Disabled Cyclist

  2. Annie, you carry your FedEx box exactly the way I strap pizza onto my bike - also to save the delivery fee :-)


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