Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cold Toes Remedy

What to do when your toes are like ice? Check out this short video for my quick solution. If it makes you laugh or spit out your coffee, let me know.

In the future I'll try adding toe warmers to my hiking shoes. These shoes are pretty versatile in cold weather and with the stiff Vibram sole they also provide the support I need on a long commute. While the warmers didn't work last year inside my tight-fitting cycling specific footwear, there might be sufficient space in this pair for the chemicals to circulate.


  1. It is even more silly looking when you are also trying to get your hands warmed up - running along the side of the road while also windmilling your arms will definitely draw some funny looks!

  2. I've been seen hopping up and down next to my bike trying to uncramp frozen toes. Glad I'm not the only one!

  3. As a veteran of two Arrowhead 135's I can tell you your method is common practice in the world of Winter Bicycle Ultra-Marathons. Running or walking brings back some circulation.

    Winter riders also buy footwear that is 2 to 5 sizes bigger than what they wear in the summer. Chemical hand warmers need good airspace, like you indicated, to work. But also, airspace inside a insulated boot provides a warm space around a foot and allows for unrestricted circulation.

    Feet and toes are my weak spot in cold weather. Learning these methods has allowed me to keep my toes warm in any temperature.


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