Friday, March 9, 2012

O'Neil Road Loop

Circumstances were such that I was able to pedal for an hour from my workplace. At 5 p.m. I scrambled to get out the door. First I navigated the mile of wet, squishy dirt road back to the main highway—as main as can be between two rural towns. It only means that traffic might scream at 50 m.p.h. past your bike—yikes. The scenery makes up for it though. I spun up this hill in my granny gear.

Long shadows followed me as I coasted and continued on the flats until the turn onto O'Neil Road.

Oh happy day! With fat tires, I especially enjoy dirt roads. There is less traffic and it's a great excuse to slow down. Plus, it was 50F and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to explore roads I don't often ride.

I went by an organic farm. The road is a roller coaster. You can see the dip and rise just past the barn.

Holding the camera above my head...

As a cyclist I can avoid the potholes.

Ah, a moment of respite as the sun goes down.

Then I high-tail-it to continue the loop before darkness sets in. This weekend we set the clocks ahead. That will be a boon for us commuters who otherwise would race the sunset.


  1. Just spotted your little name plate on the back of the saddle - it's gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Jemma. I have three of these. They come from organized rides. All the attendants received one with their name. I like them so much much that all my bikes have one.


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